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In December 1997, Joy asked her husband for a dollhouse for Christmas. It was something she had been longing to do. Joy's husband had vision. He knew that if this "took" with his wife, it wouldn't stop there. She'd need tools, a place to work...and who knows what else. She never got the dollhouse for Christmas... January 1998, Joy started purchasing dollhouse and miniature magazines. The Husband could see the Wife was not giving up this "dollhouse thing." The month of March rolled around and the wife announced she wanted a dollhouse for her birthday and that the miniature show in Montreal would be at the beginning of April and a dollhouse could be purchased there...

...the DH (dear husband) paled at the thought...

...and so the dollhouse show came, and Joy left the show with her birthday present, the Magnolia dollhouse by Corona.

Three years later Joy has taken over half the basement and turned it into her workroom. Three years later Joy has workbenches, power tools, a miniature lumber yard, books and magazines about the hobby totalling a small fortune, acrylic paints and stains in every colour, brushes in every size, a "stash" to be proud of, a colour printer to print "printables," and of course a digital camera so she can take pictures of it all to show her friends near and far...and most of all, Joy has never been happier. Yes, Joy's husband definitely has vision.

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